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The foundation for healthy skin.

A show of hands: How many of us wash our face only in the morning? How many of us cleanse only at night? Or, how many of us cleanse morning and night?

The real question is how many of us “double cleanse” our face daily?
I can bet there aren’t many hands raised on this last question.

What is double cleansing?

Simply the term double cleanse means cleansing our skin once to rinse debris from the skin’s surface, followed by a second cleanse shortly after to help rinse away debris that may clog underneath the pores.

It’s really important to know the foundation for healthy skin is to follow a proper cleansing routine on a daily basis. I advise my facial clients all-the-time to include a double cleanse in their daily routine, especially at night.

No cleansing brushes and other skincare tools needed here!
All you need is your beautiful hands and a pea-sized to a quarter-sized amount of cleanser to do the dirty work.

The reason you want to double cleanse at night is throughout the day our skin is exposed to many pollutants, dirt, and debris which may cause aging and sensitivity. We also produce excess oil and sweat that may cause acne and congestion (a.k.a clogged pores). Makeup and daily SPF have chemicals that should be removed before going to bed. As we sleep our body regenerates, rebuilds collagen, and repairs itself from environmental and topical exposures. Leaving such chemicals on the skin while sleeping can cause long-term damage to your skin.

Continue to read below for my personal double cleanse routine that’s great for all skin types.


Every night
Dermalogica, Precleanse
LIFTLAB Skincare, Detox Cleanser +3

Step 1:
Make sure your face and hands are completely dry.
Apply 1 full pump of Dermalogica’s Precleanse onto the palms of hands and massage over the face.
For makeup-users: Apply 1 pump onto two cotton rounds. Gently remove stubborn makeup (eyeliner, mascara, and lip colors) before applying the cleanser to the entire face.
Add water to transform the cleansing oil into a milky emulsion that easily melts away debris from the skin’s surface and rinse off cleanser completely.

Step 2:
After rinsing Dermalogica’s Precleanse, dispense a pea-sized amount of LIFTLAB Skincare’s Detox Cleanser +3 and massage over damp skin. Make sure to also focus on the t-zone especially the crevices around the nasal area. Rinse away and follow with your normal skincare routine.

Make time to double cleanse your skin daily. I guarantee you’ll notice a significant difference!

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