Nothing lasts forever.

How long will your health & beauty products last?

Nothing lasts forever and the same applies to your health and beauty products. Unopened products do have a longer shelf life however make sure to store products (opened and unopened ) in a dry and clean area at room temperature. Keeping products past their expiration date or shelf life may cause invisible bacteria to thrive and also cut down the potency of the active ingredients to work effectively. The next time you open your vanity shelf (especially if you are a product junkie)  take a look at your products and sort out which needs to be cut from your life, most importantly for your safety.
Trust me, your skin will thank you.

Here 3 are different ways to spot expiration dates.

1. Take a look on the back side of your bottle and find a symbol that shows an opened jar with a number followed by the letter M in the center.
For example, this symbol means once the bottle is opened you have 12 months to use it.
6M = 6 months
24M = 24 months

2. You may also find an actual expiration date either at the bottom or top crimp of the bottle.
These products usually contain ingredients such as salicylic acid, retinol, and/or SPF.

3. In some instances, expiration dates are nowhere to be found. That may not mean your product will last a lifetime.
Below is a guideline of common times you should keep your products.

Skin Care
6 – 24 months

Makeup/Grooming products
3  – 18 months

Hair Products
12 – 24 months